Kids Cuts from until the end of the month will be $7.00.. Call to set up an appointment 319-390-2901
Monday & Friday -- call to set up an afternoon appointment for the rest of this month 
Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday  -- 8 am to 5:30 pm
      ***CALL 319-390-2901***   To set up your Appointment Today....Ask for Danielle

Be sure to keep an Eye on our hours and days of operation. Changes to coming in February

     I am so excited, the Lord has blessed Danielle's Family Salon with the presents of 4 gifted stylists that will be renting space from me here at Danielle's. Which means that we all have our own set prices, The shop number which is my cell phone # which is:  319-390-2901, the secondary phone number to the shop itself is 319-390-2902.  When you call 319-390-2901 for your very first appointment @ Danielle's Family Salon you will receive either $3.00 or $5.00 off your hair care service. It all depends on what you get done.  Be sure to mention this special when you call.  Thank you,  Sally "Danielle"
Happy 2013 Everyone!!!!!!!
 Danielle's Family Salon will be Celebrating 3 Years of business on March 1, 2013 in which we have been providing the Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas with outstanding hair care service.  
  We have a down to home atmosphere, where you can walk-In to ask about our availability or to play it safe you can call 319-390-2901 to set up an appointment. Shop hours are:
 8am - 6pm /Tues - Thursday
2pm - 6pm / Friday and 8am - 3pm / Saturday
You can also request a time Before our starting hours or after our closing hours, for these time an appointment MUST be made in advance.  We are here for you.